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The Race Club is a place for swimmers of all ages and abilities to come together to improve their technique and become a better athlete. By signing up for a Race Club membership you will gain access to swim instruction videos, dryland workout videos, custom swim training schedules, and exclusive Aqua Notes blogs that provide training on skills such as how to do a flip turn, breathing while swimming, and more. From leisure and beginner swimmers to fitness swimmers and competitive athletes, our swim instruction resources are designed to help all of our members overcome their personal challenges and reach their goals. Become a Race Club subscriber today to start your journey toward becoming a better swimmer!

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Freestyle Pulling Motion - One Arm Drill
07/12/2018 | Freestyle
We consider the freestyle pulling motion the number 1, 2 and 3 top priorities for a swimmer. Learn one of the best ways to master this unnatural position that we must gain strength in order to swim fast!
Creative Kicking Sets Part 2
06/12/2018 | Freestyle
In the second part of creative kicking sets for swimming learn how to get your legs stronger, kick faster and have fun while doing it. At the Race Club we like to make competition out of kicking sets and find it the best way to get your swimmers to the next level!
Breaststroke - Kick Down Drill
02/08/2018 | Breaststroke
Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Soni demonstrates kick down swimming drills that allows the swimmer to work on multiple swim techniques.
Backstroke - Spin Drill
01/19/2018 | Backstroke
The backstroke spin drill is one of the most effective ways of teaching swimmers to accelerate the straight arms quickly through the recovery phase of the stroke cycle.

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