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The Race Club is a place for swimmers of all ages and abilities to come together to improve their technique and become a better athlete. By signing up for a Race Club membership you will gain access to swim instruction videos, dryland workout videos, custom swim training schedules, and exclusive Aqua Notes blogs that provide training on skills such as how to do a flip turn, breathing while swimming, and more. From leisure and beginner swimmers to fitness swimmers and competitive athletes, our swim instruction resources are designed to help all of our members overcome their personal challenges and reach their goals. Become a Race Club subscriber today to start your journey toward becoming a better swimmer!

Featured Videos

Lane 2
Starts Positioning with Brad Tandy
10/09/2018 | Starts
Brad Tandy who has arguably the fastest start in the world teaches the Race Club campers his techniques. In this video we learn the positioning that Brad uses in order to launch himself into the best start in the world!
Brad Tandy Starts Preview
10/08/2018 | Starts
We are excited to bring you our video series starring Brad Tandy who has arguably the best start in the world. We've adapted our teaching of the start by implementing the techniques that Brad employs. Learn the details of what makes Brad Tandy start so great only on our subscription service in Lanes 2-4!
Lane 3
Balance Ball Backstroke
09/11/2018 | Dryland
This dryland exercise helps the swimmer realize the amount of rotation and core strength necessary for a fast backstroke.
Butterfly Left Right Front Preview
08/28/2018 | Butterfly
Check out this preview of the latest release in Lane 2... this week we take on the classic Butterfly Left Right Front drill. Learn some of the nuances that can make this drill super effective. Sign up for Lane 2 to see the full video.

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