1. Dear Gary,
    Fascinating conclusion!
    Did you or do you intend to compare these two techniques with breathing to the side (a la Schoeman) which you have also advocated in another video?
    Do you think to the side is even more effective than with chin tucked in?

  2. To enhance the coupling motion for fly, we recommend doing a butterfly drill with fins on using flutter kick (freestyle kick), snapping the head down hard and throwing the arms forward hard.

  3. Hi Nick,
    At one time I taught most Race Club campers the side breath in fly. I still recommend it for those that seem to elevate the shoulders too high on the front breath. I prefer the front breath now for two good reasons. First, the acceleration we see from the head snapping down (coupling motion) would not be as significant with the side breath (I don’t believe) and second, the front breath enables the swimmer to see and anticipate the walls for turns and finishes, which is a big advantage.
    Gary Hall Sr.