1. I have always been told that if you lift your hand too high, it takes longer to come back down. My dad calls this the ‘touch the sky’ technique sometimes. That is why I’ve always used a medium octane arm recovery for sprinting and long distance. Thanks to you I can understand why sprinters like Manaudou use the Highest Octane recovery. To create energy to come back down faster, but also to use gravity to bring the arm down. Thank you very much for all your amazing videos. This will certainly drop my 50 freestyle P.B of 30.78s significantly (hopefully under 30s).

  2. You are welcome! It takes more work to bring a straightened arm vertically on the recovery, but the payday comes in the amount of increased energy attained as the arm comes down hard.

  3. HI,
    I am swimming coach from small European country Croatia. In the end of video you said that will see drills for every tehnique of freestyle(for every octane level).
    When can we expect video whit these drills (i have subscription lane 3 )?
    ty ,coach Tin