In our first session with Max, Coach Gary identified the problems with each of his 4 strokes for the Individual Medley. In freestyle and backstroke his lack of rotation and stroke rate is causing the biggest weakness in his Individual Medley.  Once Max is warmed up with a kicking set, we begin right away with a test set of underwater freestyle.   This set is a great way demonstrate how powerful this ‘coupling motion’ in freestyle and backstroke is.  Find out how Max improves on this classic test set.


Max Intro Video

Sculling Drills Video


  1. I think underwater freestyle encourages a rather poor hand led arm recovery which will not stretch or engage the lats. I am rather dubious about the merits of this drill. You surely would not want him recovering arms forwards like this on the surface of the water?

  2. Wow, I think I love this drill. I need to memorize it and hear Gary in my ear while I’m doing it. I’ve tried to ‘freestyle’ under water. I am mostly drag.