At The Race Club we often have age group swimmers, high school swimmers and masters swimmers all in the same camp. This unique swim camp experience allows our athletes not only to learn from our Race Club coaches, but from each other as well. In this video Head Race Club Coach Devin Murphy works with high school breaststroke specialist Bora Hurst. Bora had little experience with the backstroke start. While watching Bora’s start you’ll learn some common mistakes that swimmers make in the backstroke start. These include having the feet too wide on the wall, and looking back with the head in the “take your mark” position. You’ll also see first-hand what happens if the head stays back too long on a backstroke starts. We see many campers that make the same mistakes that Bora initially does. Then coach Devin works with world class masters swimmer Mike Boosin. Like many swimmers, Mike had his feet too close together in the ready position. He also makes the common mistake of exiting the arched position too early. Mike is an experienced backstroke specialist and we found a couple easy fixes that made his start much faster. The backstroke start requires a lot of nuance, and we’re happy to share what makes a great backstroke start over the next few weeks from our incredible swim camp in the Florida Keys!