One of our most valued pieces of equipment in the swim training bag is the Finis Tempo Trainer. No matter what age or level swimmer you are, this tool allows the swimmer and coach to understand what the optimal stroke rate is for any stroke or distance.


  1. very nice video, i will try this tempo thing
    however, i humbly think that this subject kind of demans another video to be complete
    doesnt the stroke rate should be married with the distance per stroke?
    for example, i fell that i stroke too much (around 43, to 50 lcm free, time: 23.8, which i think that are around 107 strokes per minute). i see that people usualy make less strokes to have the same time or lower. if i manage to “pull more water”, maybe i could maintain stroke rate, do a 23.0 and then there will be 41 instead of 43 strokes
    i think i made it too confusing ahhaah i just wanna say that i will be stoked to watch a video on distance per stroke and how it should be coupled with stroke rate

  2. You are absolutely right in that your speed (velocity) is determined by the multiple of stroke rate and distance per stroke. You need both in order to swim fast. We will plan a video on how to improve distance per stroke in the future, but it involves longer, greater arm propulsion (holding more water), faster kick and strong coupling motions to achieve.

  3. great video, thanks!
    I’m a trainer of a swimming team with kids at the age of 10 to 13. Could you give me a hint regarding the “optimal stroke rate” for 50, 100 and 400 m freestyle for the kids (just as a rough orientation). What stroke rate should I use as a starting point in the training sessions? Is there any way of measuring the stroke rate while the kids are swimming.
    Thanks in advance for your help

  4. Thanks for watching! Glad you’re using this great tool for your swimmers! We consider it ‘pandoras box’ for them to improve. We strive for the stroke rates we see the best in the world achieving (and not coincidentally the best in every age group are the same) but as you know, no one ‘starts’ out there efficiently. The art of using this tool is different for each swimmer and you’ll learn quickly as you use it… that’s where the tempo trainer pushes the swimmer further than what they are used to. For some, like Gary achieving 110 strokes a minute might be the goal for the 50 … in the 100 the goal is typically 100 strokes a minute… in the 200 some are at 90 but 86 can be better for some… We have a lot of videos on respective stroke rates in our subscription Lanes 2-4 that explore various stroke rates for all 4 strokes in different events!

  5. I love my tempo trainer. I am working at increasing my speed for my 50 100 and 200 Free. I started at a speed of sixty and am now I am up to 65. I am a senior and have no training until 8 years ago. The love swimming. Hope to see you at a camp this year.

  6. We agree! The TT is one of the most valuable training tools in the swim bag. Looking forward to seeing you at our Masters camp in Coronado or in Islamorada. Check our website for details.

  7. I purchased a tempo trainer about 6 months ago and just took it out of the packaging. Easy to follow instructions along with this Great video I am looking forward to the pools opening so I can play with it for me and the youth swimmers I coach