In this final installment of our Swimming Starts series with Paralympian Lizzi Smith, she finally begins seeing some great results. Once Lizzi learned the dryland progression she then took to the blocks to try out the Brad Tandy swimming start. At first she was having difficulty with the head lift. Lizzi then practiced running starts in order to make her more comfortable with this head lift motion. Once Lizzi started getting the head lift She moved on to the arm swing using a Rocking Chair swim drill. Maybe the most difficult to achieve, the leg kick proved to be challenging but Lizzi started to get it! As with most of our campers when learning this swimming start we find that getting one or two of the coupling motions is common but not all three. We take the swimmer back to the drills that pertain to each coupling motions and eventually they get it. Once you master this start, we recommend doing 100 practice starts before performing in a race. Thanks for watching this series!!!