Of all three freestyle techniques, Shoulder-Driven Freestyle is by far the most common one used. Shoulder-Driven Freestyle is the only technique a swimmer should use for sprinting and for women, it is the most common technique used in all Freestyle races. In this video, we continue working with rising superstar Josh Zuchowski and his two Race Club teammates, Corley and Rachel, with the Six Kick Three Stroke swim drill to help their Shoulder-Driven Freestyle techniques. This important swim drill will helps them learn the correct freestyle recovery technique, harnessing the energy from a fast shoulder rotation and arm entry to increase the power of the pull and kick. Being powerful in the water is not just about how strong the arms and legs are. It has a lot to do with how well a swimmer uses the body motions to increase power. Fast shoulder rotation and aggressive hand and arm entries help our swimmers become faster freestylers.