In this video coaches Gary Hall Sr and Devin Murphy take our Race Club swimmers through fine points of what makes a successful hip-driven freestyle. While we don't have partnerships with any company, we utilize many different pieces of swim training equipment. The campers put on the Finis Tech Toc and Hydro Hip belts to enable them to feel and hear the proper amount of hip rotation. When utilizing the Finis Tech Toc belts, swimmers Rachel and Marin are able to hear a ball bearing slide from side to side while the rotation is occurring. The ball bearing also has weight to it allowing the swimmers to feel how much rotation is necessary to receive the "surge point" while finishing the stroke past the hip. A quick rotation and loud pop from the ball bearing is key to a successful hip-driven freestyle. National Age Group Record Holder Josh Zuchowski wears a similar device from Finis called a Hydro Hip. The fins sit on the swimmers hips and add drag to the rotation making the swim harder. This allows the swimmer to really feel the amount of speed needed to flip the hips from one side to the other to achieve great coupling energy. We've found that the Finis makes great swim training equipment especially in teaching the hip-driven freestyle technique. For newer swimmers, or swimmers that are just learning the hip-driven freestyle we recommend the Tech Toc. Swimmers that are stronger and have been doing hip-driven freestyle for some time, we recommend the Hydro Hip.