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The Race Club is a place for swimmers of all ages and abilities to come together to improve their swimming technique and become a better athlete. By signing up for a Race Club membership you will gain access to swim instruction videos, dryland workout videos, custom swim training schedules, and exclusive Aqua Notes blogs that provide training on skills such as how to do a swimming flip turn, breathing while swimming, and more. From leisure and beginner swimmers to fitness swimmers and competitive athletes, our swim instruction resources are designed to help all of our members overcome their personal challenges and reach their goals. Become a Race Club subscriber today to start your journey toward becoming a better swimmer!

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Improving the Freestyle Flip Turn
09/24/2019 | Freestyle Turns
Learn swim drills that increase your muscle memory and lead to a faster freestyle flip turn. At first these drills may seem difficult but keep practicing and you'll have your competition wallowing in your wake!
How to Breath in Swimming
07/11/2019 | Breaststroke Butterfly Freestyle
Over the years we’ve observed hundreds of Olympic swimmers underwater and what we’ve notice they almost all have in common is what they do with the air once it is inhaled… in other words how and when they breath is very similar.
The Finis Tempo Trainer
06/18/2019 | Backstroke Breaststroke Butterfly Freestyle
One of our most utilized pieces of equipment in our swim training bag is the Finis Tempo Trainer. No matter what age or level swimmer you are this tool allows the swimmer and coach to understand what the optimal stroke rate is for any given event.
Swimming Technology with Devin Murphy | Episode 10
04/30/2019 | Interview
At The Race Club we have invested in some new and exciting swimming technology and online resources such as our Velocity Meter, Pressure Meter, and instructional videos. In this complimentary Podcast, Coach Gary and Coach Devin go into exactly how they test propulsion, drag, and the pulling motion, and what we do with that information. They will also let you know how you can get your own test done so you can swim faster! Subscribe to Lanes 2, 3, or 4 to learn the fascinating new techniques we discovered with the Velocity Meter testing.

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