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The Race Club is a place for swimmers of all ages and abilities to come together to improve their swimming technique and become a better athlete. By signing up for a Race Club membership you will gain access to swim instruction videos, dryland workout videos, custom swim training schedules, and exclusive Aqua Notes blogs that provide training on skills such as how to do a swimming flip turn, breathing while swimming, and more. From leisure and beginner swimmers to fitness swimmers and competitive athletes, our swim instruction resources are designed to help all of our members overcome their personal challenges and reach their goals. Become a Race Club subscriber today to start your journey toward becoming a better swimmer!

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Head Position for a Faster Butterfly
01/08/2019 | Butterfly
Recently, National Team member and world-class butterfly swimmer, Amanda Kendall came to The Race Club for some Velocity Meter (VM) and Pressure Meter (PM) testing along with her coach Coley Stickels from Indiana Swimming and Diving. The VM measures velocity, acceleration and deceleration synchronized to video.
How to Swim Faster | The Pressure Meter - Introduction
12/11/2018 | Backstroke Breaststroke Butterfly Freestyle
The Race Club is now introducing new technology to measure how to swim faster! The Pressure Meter tests the pressure on both hands during the pulling motion in all four strokes, so that you can focus on the specific part of your swim technique that needs to be improved. A swimmer's body rotation and body rotational speed plays a big role in swimming faster. The Race Club continues to test and prove the best swim techniques to increase your swimming speed. For more information on how to swim faster and get your own Pressure Meter test, visit our swim camp website at
Swim Starts with Brad Tandy - The Leg Kick
10/29/2018 | Starts
In this swimming starts video Brad Tandy shows us one of the most powerful, yet underutilized techniques for your start; the back leg kick.
Lane 2
Swimming Starts Positioning with Brad Tandy
10/09/2018 | Starts
Brad Tandy who has arguably the fastest start in the world teaches the Race Club campers his techniques. In this video we learn the positioning that Brad uses in order to launch himself into the best start in the world!

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