The Race Club


“The Lane 4 calls with Gary Hall Sr. have been invaluable to me. Countless times I begin a call unsure about my place in the training cycle, and after speaking with Gary I either had actionable steps, and a plan to get where I wanted to go, or I knew with utmost certainty I was on the right track. In addition to receiving a professional, unbiased opinion, Gary is able to dissect my races and supply me with highly technical information. Gary has armed me with mental and emotional strategies that have paid off in practice and on race day and I believe will continue to do so long into my future. All swimmers go through rough patches, and all who have, know that it’s hard to maintain a constant love for the sport. Ultimately, my conversations with Gary Hall Sr. remind me that I love the sport of swimming; which to me, is the greatest gift anyone could ask for.”

Ava Ippoliti Lane 4 client

“When we think about our daughter Maggie MacNeil there are a few central people who have entered into Maggie’s life who have significantly contributed to who she has become as a swimmer. Gary Hall Sr (and the entire Race Club family) is one such person. Gary Sr met Maggie when she was 12 years of age and worked with her over several years at the Race Club Camps in Islamorada. From his hands on coaching to his articulate explanation of various strokes and techniques, Gary instilled in Maggie both the art and science of swimming. Perhaps his greatest impact came from sharing his deep passion for the sport of swimming and from helping Maggie to truly believe that great things are possible with hard work and dedication. What Gary Sr instilled in Maggie MacNeil was a great gift. We are forever grateful. ”

Dr Susan McNair and Dr Edward MacNeil

“I have been to a private session, a camp, and the specialized starts and turns clinic. At 67 I must be one of the oldest “campers”. I was worried that this would be a problem for me, the staff, and the “kids” who were there. I actually felt completely welcome and didn’t sense any disadvantage from the huge age difference. We were all swimmers largely making the same mistakes and benefiting from the great coaching. I have been Devin’s student and Gary’s student and learned from both. I am a much better and more informed masters swimmer because of the Race Club camp experience.”

Tim Delehanty

“At my championship meet I dropped 5 seconds in my 100 breast stroke to swim a 1 08 and place 7th in New York State 5 seconds in my 100 back, I swam a 1 02 and placed 13th in New York State. I also dropped 8 seconds in my 200 Im to go a 2 21 and place 20th. The camp in February helped me with technique and some kids on my team are thinking of going down to Florida after my swims this weekend!”

Curran, 13 from East Hampton, NY

“We are already working on your recommendations! Being at The Race Club was an experience that exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful. I will tell you this past February 23rd, Ariana participated in her first Minimeet of the year, it was her first experience in the 12 year age group in which she obtained first place in her category, and improved her times in 5 out of the 6 events that she participated in. Thanks a million for your support.”

Sonia, mother of Ariana and Ricardo, 12 & 17

“My daughter, Avery, attended camp a couple of weeks ago and had her end-of season champ meet this past weekend. Going into camp her breaststroke was significantly weaker than her other strokes. This past weekend she dropped 2.74 seconds on her 50 Breast, 5.98 seconds on her 100 Breast, and 5.18 on the 100 IM! It was an amazing transformation! While breast is still her weakest stroke, she is now competitive in it and holds her own on the 100 IM. Such an improvement!!!! She also had drops in 50 Free (1.1 seconds), 50 Back (~.5 second), and 50 Fly (.8 seconds). While she missed her individual state cuts in 50 Free and Fly by .47 and .32 seconds, she did secure spots on two of the state qualifying relays. She’s the only 9-year old on the relays and earned her backstroke spot on the medley relay by .06 of a second. Whew – pretty good for a girl at the bottom of the 9-10 age group! She’ll be working hard in practice on the techniques she learned at your camp and looks forward to returning in the future.”

Laura Hearon, mother of Avery, 9

“Max employed tips from recent Race Club videos focusing on streamlining his feet & toes, fast coupling and breathing quickly like Nathan Adrian. Max went into the 7.20pm final, his 5th at the Surreys and 7th swim of a 12 hour long day, with 4 individual silvers and 1 relay bronze in his pocket at these championships. Clearly hungry, focused and determined for his 62nd and most important career gold, he got off to a good start and sprinted away from the field after 15m to win by a comfortable margin of 0.67s, in a new pb of 30.78s, ranking him as No.6 in the UK, and 2nd fastest ever at his club. With these results, Max has already earned himself a berth in 5 events in the next rung up the swimming ladder, the London Regionals in May in the dual 11/12 age group, again at the same venue.”

Nick Higgins, father of Max, 11

“I just wanted to thank Gary for all the great videos he’s putting out. We use it with our clinics and I am so impressed with the quality of the videos. A big service to all of us in swimming who are trying to help kids get better. Thank you all for the work you are doing.”

Jim Richardson, former Head Swim Coach at University of Michigan, now with Michigan Swim Camps

“As the parents of freshman Maggie Mac Neil at the University of Michigan it seems like only yesterday that we were helping her to make a decision where she would head after high school to both swim and study. Knowing she would be away at university for four years we so badly wanted her to find a location where she would have swim and classroom successes and be a happy and healthy person. After traveling to the Race Club for several camps through the years, we decided to seek out the expert input of trusted coach and friend Gary Hall Sr, who we have come to love and respect so much through the years. After some very exciting recruitment trips it was tremendously helpful to teleconference with Gary and to listen to him assist Maggie in such an important life decision. In the same way he is able to break down swimming itself into understandable and practical pieces, he was able to help Maggie clarify what she wanted in a university and swim program, and combine that with other practical realities such as the distance of various universities from our home in Canada, to come up with a decision that has been infinitely satisfying for her. Our family highly recommend the consultation of Gary Hall Sr in the college search and decision making process for your young swimmer. Gary is able to combine his unique knowledge of the swim world with the reality of your unique situation to result in a match that is right for you. He brings all of his experience as a swimmer, coach, author, expert and father himself to help you at such a vital time in the life of your swimmer, and of your family.”

Dr. Susan McNair, Mother of Maggie Mac Neil, 18

“I wanted to say thank you both for an exceptional experience! Jack & Avery are true fans – both think The Race Club is the bomb! After a week with you guys, they have a newfound confidence. The sport has evolved and is more fascinating than ever! Thank you! The Lockes will return!”

Ann Locke, Mother of Avery (14) and Jack (17)

“I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic two days of coaching – I feel so motivated after spending this time with you to work in my weaknesses and achieve my goals. I learned more about swimming and my strokes in these two days than I could have ever hoped. Thank you for continuing to dedicate your life to swimming and doing these lessons to swimmers of all abilities. I feel very honored to have spent the time with you.”

Eva, 35

“I would like to say thanks to Charlotte, Gary and Richard for delivering such a great experience at camp! We all had a great time and it was a truly amazing experience to be able to actually watch and hear so we could learn from the coaches. Gary was great with Sierra and she learned a lot and seems very confident as they start their season training on Monday.”

Kevin Toderel, father of Sierra, 12

“Thanks so much for an awesome camp. So inspiring for me (personally). I’m glad Gary got to work with the girls! It’s inspiring for the girls to see others – all of them much better, older, and faster. Some of them future stars for sure!! I learned a lot and I think they did too. I appreciate his patience and generous time with them. I cannot wait to work on some of the things we learned. I think you’ll see us again. Please give Gary our sincerest appreciation for such a great camp. I really think they could be good swimmers if they listen. I know they really liked him a lot and also know what a star he is in my book. Thanks again!”

Dr. James Boynton – Father of Sadie & Savannah, 10

“Thank you so much for hosting Tirion, Haley and I in early August. We learned a lot and appreciate your scientifically based approach to teaching technique! We also enjoyed watching a camp run so smoothly with different ages and skills of swimmers. This is somewhat like our internal clinics that we run at Swim Charleston and we love the approach that all swimmers can take away something valuable from the same instruction. Thank you again. I will definitely refer swimmers to the camps! Hopefully some will attend.”

Cathy Sheafor – Coach

“Thank you again SO much for everything, it was a WONDERFUL camp and weekend! Megan swam even FASTER today in practice in all 4 where the workout included a 50 sprint of each stroke. She was pretty tickled! Molly also went faster in Back at least by 2 seconds!”

Jodi McLaughlin, mother of Megan – 12 and Molly -15

“Eli ended up making the times to TAGS (which is States in Texas) in the 100 Fly and 50 Fly a few weeks back, so we made an unplanned trip to Austin!! He didn’t final but he was happy he made it! He said to let Gary Sr. know that he was happy to see that a part of him was there with him! He knows there’s a lot to work on and he’s telling us he want’s more sessions with The Race Club.”

Katie Villalva, Mother of Eli, 14

“Zoe won five of her six individual events as a 9 year old in the 10 and under age group. Her 200m medley relay broke a state record that was 20 years old (Zoe swam the fly leg in 34.3). Zoe got western zones cuts in every event she swam. She won the high point award for ten and under girls. In short, she had an unbelievable championship meet that I never imagined could happen for her at this young age. We are really excited for western zones next week! Thanks to Gary and everyone at the Race Club for getting this season off to a solid start. Zoe learned a ton in her four days with you, and has retained far more than I thought she would. Teaching her the importance of hyper streamline, keeping her head down, and speed in and out of the turns helped her freestyle a lot. The tempo trainer work really got her fly and backstroke going though. Her coach continued to use it with her as a reminder, along with refining her technique. Once she realized that she has to keep her fly going at 65 strokes per minute for the whole 50m race, she has become a different butterflier! Her 100m fly improved over 20 seconds immediately by keeping the tempo right around 60 the whole way! Thanks again for all of your help!”

Sarah Majercik, mother of Zoe Tashjian 9

“Zach had some fantastic races at FLAGS. It was his long term 1 year goal to go to this meet that would be his last opportunity since he will be aging up. He achieved his goal & had the race of his life so far. The previous week he had taken off 25 seconds in his 1500m free then at FLAGS he took off another 52 seconds, it was amazing. That race cut made the Canadian Junior Nationals meet which he is racing tomorrow! He is also only 6 seconds away from a Canadian Senior Championships cut! We will let you know how he does. It also qualifies him to race the 1500m open water on Monday. All of your pool & ocean & triathlon coaching over the past 6 years has made this dream possible & we wanted to share our deep & sincere gratitude for having all the Hall’s & Devin Coach Zach to an injury free successful swimmer.”

Behnam Makari, Father of Zach Makari, 14

“I am very thankful for everything you taught me at The Race Club and it helped me make significant improvements last year. I dropped almost 4 seconds in the 100 breaststroke along with improvements in many other events.”

Makenna Berry, 18

“Spencer lowered his team record in the 100m breast by 3.5 seconds and just missed the Ozark record by 1 second. He is currently ranked #4 in the country in the 10/U 100m Breast after his swim today. We can’t thank you enough for everything that Rich and Gary Sr taught him. His start alone put him out in front and he just ran away with the race, beating all 12 year olds.”

Irene Kinsey, mother of Spencer Kinsey, 10

“Our experience at The Race Club swim camp was exceptional in every way. I knew it would be a great swim camp when I read all the swim blogs and viewed the swimisodes on the website, but when I watched my Age Grouper learn and go, go, go at swim camp, I became even more of a fan. She was inspired to swim better and faster than she has ever swum before. And it transpired into the post-swim camp arena as well. Shortly thereafter, at championships, she dropped 1 second off her 50 meter freestyle, 4 seconds off her 100 meter butterfly and 5 seconds from her 100 meter freestyle. I can’t wait to see what’s next. You not only inspired my young swimmer, you inspired me as well. The Race Club swim camp experience is high-quality and first-class ~ from the website, to the registration, the swim camp venue, the equipment, the instruction, all the information and expertise, the invoicing, and the yoga. The yoga was such a favorite too. Yoga designed specifically for swimmers and swimmer muscles – young and older, novice and elite. There is knowledge and depth of understanding threaded throughout and it becomes evident in the outcomes. Being with The Race Club now, is like having an additional swim support network for my swimmer. It is one of the most satisfying and solid swim experiences we have ever encountered. One which we are excited to continue. Good swim camps may inspire swimmers, but great swim camps inspire entire families. This is a great swim camp. Our sincerest thanks and gratitude!”

Daphne & Maranda Edwards, Age 10

“I just wanted to let you know how much my boys enjoyed the camp, and how much they learned! They were amazed at all of the knowledge you and your family possess, and really appreciated the objective, and timely feedback they got. Thanks again for everything. You guys were Awesome!”

Todd Erickson, father of Zeke and Ike

“Thanks for all the help!! When my dad signed me up for [the camp] I was on the fence of quitting or not but after these days, I remembered why I loved the sport. And that alone was worth it not to mention how much we learned. :)”

Zeke Erickson, 21

“Thank you so much for the amazing experience. I had a wonderful time and learned a ton of techniques that will help me earn quicker times. Thank you for teaching me the shoulder driven freestyle, I will drop seconds. Thank you again for teaching me breathing in freestyle too. I absolutely feel as though breaststroke will be my best stroke after the improvement you guys gave me. I hope to come back some time in August and learn butterfly the Race Club way. I dropped five seconds on my PR for freestyle.”

Best of wishes, Alexa Hommen, 11

“Thank you so much for getting Cade in for a couple quick sessions. He is inspired and hopefully will put the tools you showed him to use. They are in their second week of training for this season and working hard. Judy and I really enjoyed our short visit and can’t wait to find the time to get back for a full week at the Club. Your hospitality and patience was amazing and we left feeling like part of the family. You are all passionate and inspiring people and I hope to meet you again soon.”

Chris Talley, father of Cade, 16