The Race Club

Specialized Services

(Requires Session)

Velocity Meter

The Velocity Meter measures a swimmer’s propulsion and drag and films each swimmer side-on at the same time. At each point during your stroke cycle, the velocity meter synchronizes your body’s speed, acceleration and deceleration with the high quality video image, providing valuable information about propulsion and frontal drag. We analyze your strokes, one frame at time, defining which positions are beneficial and which positions are impeding your swimming speed. Only through this technology are we able to determine with accuracy and precision, the best swimming technique for you.

We test you while you’re here and all the data is gathered and put into helpful charts. We then schedule a video call with you to go over all the video and data. The call takes about an hour and can be scheduled a couple weeks after the test.


Smart Paddles

The Smart Paddles (SM) measure the pulling forces applied by both hands during your swim. The forces derived from the paddles determine the amount of propulsion (pushing backward), lift (pushing downward) and lateral forces (in sweep or out sweep) for each pull.

The Smart Paddles will help us determine how well you are holding water during your pull, or if you are losing force for whatever reason. We will be able to compare your hand force with other swimmers of your approximate age and gender.

We will be able to determine whether you are pulling better or more efficiently with one arm than the other. Smart Paddle testing will help you become a better swimmer.


Custom Advanced Video Analysis

We film both under and above water of you swimming all 4 strokes, starts and turns. We also interview you to get an insight into your swimming history and goals.

The footage is then edited into a custom film with voice over analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your swimming. Each video about 12 minutes long and is a great visual analysis tool to refer back to long after your time with us.

Analysis and editing takes about a month and once completed, we will send you a download link for your video. Here is an example of what the video will look like: Analysis Video.


College Placement Video Service

This video is similar to the above service, with an analysis of your strengths and abilities in swimming, and will also include an interview with TRC coach, highlighting the strengths of your personality for your college application.

We have a very high success rate in helping our athletes get accepted into the schools of their choice or in matching best fit schools and athletes.


Basic Video Analaysis

Can’t make it to San Diego? Do you have video footage of you training or racing?

Either as part of the Lane 4 membership or as part of Online Coaching, we will analyze your videos from competition or training. Simply fill out our Online coaching form, email us your video or send us a Youtube link and let us help you improve.

The Race Club coaches will analyze your technique and swimming on your scheduled video conference call.