Main Set of the Month: April 2019

This is a set that I borrowed from Mike Bottom, Head Coach of the University of Michigan and former Head Coach of The Race Club.  The goal of this anaerobic set is to put a swimmer into a state of metabolic acidosis by the last ten to fifteen meters, and to teach the swimmer how he or she will need to make slight stroke changes in order to finish a race with as much speed as possible.  This lactate tolerance set has proven extremely helpful to my sprinters over the years.

Four Rounds:

1 x 25 underwater as fast as possible from a dive into 1 x 75 free ALL OUT focusing on finishing the final 10-15 meters with great technique and speed
(The underwater can be whatever the swimmer wants, as long as they are doing it as quickly as they possible can)
1 x 300 backstroke active recovery

Coach Devin