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The Race Club and Gary Hall Sr. has recently been published in Men’s Health and in The Huffington Post. 

Men’s Health Magazine

Swim Like a Fish, Look Like an Olympian

The Advice: Patience is everything.

The Expert: Gary Hall Sr., founder and director of The Race Club in Islamorada, Florida

Father knows best, especially this dad and physician who raised his son—Gary Hall Jr.—to become a 10-time Olympic medalist in swimming. “The motions involved in swimming well are complex and utilize nearly every muscle in the human body,” says Hall. “It requires some pretty significant flexibility of the shoulders and ankles in particular.” After about a month or so, he confirms, anyone can get comfortable working their body in this way. And when you do, “You’ll really begin to enjoy the feeling of moving weightlessly through the water. Swimming efficiently is like getting a workout and a massage at the same time,” he says.

The Advice: Join a masters team.

The Expert: Gary Hall Sr., founder and director of The Race Club in Islamorada, Florida
Joining any team, especially one with the word “masters” in the title, sounds intimidating as hell. But it’s actually much harder to swim alone and push yourself than to swim with others, even if they are sharks next to your guppy. “To become proficient, you need coaching for training and technique,” says Hall.  While private sessions would be best, joining a masters team may be most affordable, and you’ll reap great information from people who have been swimming longer than you. Don’t worry, not everyone is a so-called master. “Most masters teams have a wide variety of swimmers, from beginners to more advanced. You will find your spot,” he says. To find a masters program near you, visit

Huffington Post

11 Gifts For Sports Loving Fathers, According To Real Dads

A Triathlon Wetsuit 
“The last time I visited my daughters and son living in Santa Monica, the ocean was a chilling 59 degrees! I went in with my Race Club briefs on and swam toward the Santa Monica pier so fast that I nearly rose out of the water. This wetsuit designed with more freedom of arm movement would make that nice ocean swim in the Pacific comfortable any time of year.” 

Gary Hall Sr., 3 time Olympic swimmer and technical director of the Race Club

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