We provide video on swimming for all age groups, triathletes and competitive swimmers. Explore a breakdown of our prices for weekly videos and more below.

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The Race Club - Lane 1

Dive into Lane 1 to learn the basic Race Club swimming techniques. With this free swim training service, you will receive the Race Club newsletter highlighting our most recent swimming technique videos and our technical articles that will help you swim faster. Lane 1 swimmers will also have complete access to a few of our most popular swimming technique videos and swimming technique articles that cover Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Starts and Turns swim techniques.

  • Limited access to Aqua Notes
  • Weekly Promo Videos
  • Newsletters

The Race Club - Lane 2

For a deeper dive into great swimming technique, move over to Lane 2. Here you will unlock complete weekly Swimming Video tutorials and our complete library of Aqua Notes on swimming techniques and training. Whatever swimming events or triathlon races you may enter, you will receive valuable information on swimming, strength and mental training, nutrition, and recovery. Lane 2 subscribers will gain complete tutorials on Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle swim techniques. Each one will help you to become the best swimmer you can possibly be.

  • Full access to Aqua Notes
  • Weekly Technique Video

The Race Club - Lane 3

For swimmers that want to go faster, move up to Lane 3. Swimmers in Lane 3 will receive the entire swimming video library of swimming technique, dryland and raw uncut videos of Olympic Swimmers performing Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Starts and Turns swim techniques as well as Dryland Strength Training exercises.  Watch the best swimmers in the world at a variety of camera angles and learn the dryland exercises that we teach at our Race Club Camps. Lane 3 swimmers seek varied training techniques and want access to specific swim training programs, strength training, nutrition, recovery and mental training techniques. These swimming strategies have proven to be successful in over 50 Olympic swimmers and Olympic triathletes.

  • Full access to Aqua Notes
  • Weekly Videos
  • Full Video Library including Olympic Swimmers and Dryland Videos

The Race Club - Lane 4

For the most comprehensive online swim coaching possible, move into the fastest speed of the Lane 4 subscription. Swimmers in Lane 4 receive all of the content from The Race Club, including weekly swimming technique videos, weekly swim training articles, and newsletters. In addition, Lane 4 swimmers are assigned a personal Race Club swim coach that will video conference with them twice a month for 30 minutes. The online coaching experience offers the Lane 4 swimmer an opportunity to set up a seasonal strategic plan for training and competition, review and adjust training as needed, analyze videos or races, reinforce important swimming techniques, and receive important motivation. Many swimmers and triathletes that come to Islamorada, Florida or Coronado, California for our swim camps and private swimming instruction sign up for Lane 4 to improve, enhance and continue their Race Club swimming experience.

Lane 4 Policies (please read before signing up):
* Minimum 4-month subscription. Billed in 4-month increments
* Send video links at least 48 hours prior to call
* 2 calls per month must be used within the month starting with the date of signup. Calls do not roll over to following month and will be forfeited if missed. Cancellation or missed scheduled calls will be forfeited.
* Prices subject to change. Any purchased months will remain as is.

  • Full access to Aqua Notes
  • Weekly Videos + Video Library
  • Customized training schedule
  • 2 Video Conferences per Month with Race Club Coach
  • Custom video analysis

* Starting at $199.99 per month. Minimum 4-month subscription. Billed in 4 month increments.

Understanding the science behind the swim techniques the fastest swimmers in the world use is necessary in order to become the best one can be. At The Race Club, we believe good swimming technique combined with the right swim training allows the swimmer to progress to the highest level of performance. However, most swimmers can benefit from more technical instruction in order to improve. Swimming technique is half of the equation toward fast swimming, yet few swimmers nor coaches spend much time on technique.

By becoming a member of The Race Club, you will have access to one-of-a-kind resources to help you learn proper swimming technique. Swim videos, articles and on-line coaches are available at all times to help you improve, no matter where you live in the world. You can choose the level of instruction that fits your needs by hopping into one of our four lanes of membership. If you want even more instruction and detailed testing, you can come to either Islamorada, Florida or Coronado, California at any time of the year for camps or private instruction. We offer ten four-day comprehensive technique camps per year in each location.

At The Race Club, we have coached thousands of athletes who share many similar technical errors. Through our experience of training over 50 Olympians with 23 Olympic medals, we have also found many common good techniques. We have discovered many of the details and nuances that have made them great swimmers. Some are almost well kept secrets, but we want to share them with you.

Our Race Club webisodes will help identify the common mistakes made by so many swimmers, and teach you the detailed nuances of great swimmers with many drills that will help you develop these same good habits.

With our lane four membership, you will have access to our Race Club coaches twice a month via video teleconferencing. The time can be spent setting up training programs, analyzing races or training techniques, seasonal planning or whatever you’d like. As a lane 4 member, you will also have access to our vast library of swim and strength training programs.


You may cancel your monthly or annual subscription at any time under your Account Settings. When you cancel a subscription with us, you will NOT continue to receive access to that Lane. You will not receive a refund of any portion of the subscription fees you paid for the current or prior billing periods. This also applies for downgrading.