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Understanding the science behind the swim techniques the fastest swimmers in the world use is necessary in order to become the best one can be. At The Race Club we believe good technique combined with swim training allows the swimmer to progress to the highest level of performance, however most swimmers don’t have access to coaching that provides good swim technique. Becoming an elite member of The Race Club gives you access to one-of-a-kind swimming resources and allows to have interactive feedback on your swimming technique. Choose the level of membership, categorized by swim lanes, that meets your needs. Once you can view these videos developed by Gary Hall Sr., our Olympic swimming coaches and staff members, you will be able to identify problems areas and gain a unique perspective on how to improve your performance.

At The Race Club Camps, we’ve coached thousands of athletes from around the world and learned that many swimmers share similar problems with their swimming technique. Through our experience, training over 50 number of Olympic Athletes, with 23 number of Olympic medals, we’ve found there is commonality with good swimming technique. We’ve filmed hundreds of world class swimmers and have noticed that it’s one thing to watch a great swimmer, but to understand how they are achieving greatness is another thing. We’ve created videos that take the viewer through common problems with technique and walk you through how to correct them by learning what the common mistakes are and then showing you how to do them correctly. In our fastest Lane 4, you will gain access to our Race Club coaches twice a month where you will create a custom seasonal plan for swimming, dryland training and more. You will also gain access to our ‘send in your video’ product for a continual analysis so you can see the progression in your swimming technique.