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Intro Set-Three Styles of Freestyle

Three Styles of Freestyle – Intro Set 


For this installment of The Race Club Main Set I want to share a set that isn’t complicated, but allows swimmers to feel the differences between the different styles of freestyle.  If you haven’t already, I would suggest watching the recently released introductory videos to hip-driven freestyle, shoulder-driven freestyle and this week’s hybrid freestyle. 

The Set

The main focus of this set is to utilize different styles of freestyle, along with different octane levels. The set is a really straight forward 12 x 75s freestyle.  The first 25 is an easy, hip-driven freestyle utilizing a low-octane recovery.  The swimmer should focus on finishing the stroke past the hip and initiating the rotation from the hips with the core. The second 25 should be a moderate shoulder-driven freestyle utilizing a high-octane recovery. The swimmer should focus on keeping the hips as still as possible, while generating the rotational force from the shoulders.  The final 25 should be a fast hybrid-freestyle utilizing a medium-octane recovery.  The swimmer should focus on breathing every stroke cycle to one side.  On the side the swimmer breathes on he or she should be hip-driven with a faster recovery, the opposite side should be shoulder-driven.  

3 Styles of Freestyle

12 x 75s @ 1:30

1st 25 – Easy hip-driven stroke staying long/ relaxed with a low-octane recovery

2nd 25 – Moderate shoulder-driven stroke with aggressive high-octane recovery…no soft entries

3rd 25 – Fast hybrid-freestyle with medium-octane recovery…think about where the rotation is coming from


Coach Devin


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