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The Race Club Main Set of the Month for Lane 1

Swim Coach Devin Murphy Coach had a successful swimming career as a two-time captain and four-time All-Conference Honoree. Devin also served as the swim team’s representative for the Student Athletic Advisory Committee for two seasons. After graduating, Devin began his swim coaching career and hasn’t looked back. He coached the swim team at Saint Leo University and then went on to be the Head Coach at Malone University. During his time there both were ranked as high as top 10 nationally for D2 schools. With several years’ experience in both club and NCAA coaching, Devin has coached everyone from learn-to-swim, fitness swimming workouts and to NCAA All-Americans and  Olympic Trials Qualifiers.

The Race Club Main Set of the Month for Lane 1. This set is a fairly common set that we see at all levels of competitive swimming. I’ve used this set for age group swimmers, NCAA Swimmers and Master’s swimmers throughout the years. The focus here, is to work on each aspect of the flip turn – the approach, flip, push, dolphin kicks, and the breakout.  I’ve had great success with this set and hope you will too!

Main Set of the Month 20 x split 50s @ 1:10


main set


  • On the shallow end wall have the swimmer purposefully miss the wall by a few inches, get into hyper-streamline and dolphin kick past the backstroke flags quickly before breaking out.
  • On the block end wall have the swimmer hit the wall square and explode off with the same power in the dolphin kick as the previous wall.
  • Focus on letting the final stroke lead into the chin tuck and flip
  • Focus on an aggressive push on the block wall
  • And finally, focus on fast dolphins leading into explosive breakouts

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Just do it, because life is worth swimming!