TRC MAIN SET: Backstroke

Gary Hall, Sr. Swimming Myths 


TRC Main Set this week will focus on backstroke. One common technical issue in many swimmers doing backstroke is having a slow stroke rate. Of the ten primary techniques we teach in backstroke at The Race Club, stroke rate is #1, #2 and #3 on the priority list. All backstroke should be shoulder driven and the tempo should be fast, faster or fastest.

In this main set, we use drills and the Finis Tempo Trainer to help increase your stroke rate and backstroke speed. In all of our subscription Lanes, from 1-4, you will have acmes to this weeks  video of us teaching National Champion and Olympic hopeful Amy Bilquist how to increase her backstroke stroke rate.
3 Rounds 
5 x 100 Drill  50-6 kicks then 3 strokes with TT
                           50 at same SR on 1:30. No fins
20 x 25 dolphin kick backstroke w/ fins on :30 TT set at 100  
6 x 50 backstroke on 1:00 TT set at 86 (200 pace)
                 :45 second vertical dolphin kick in between each 50 swim, holding the arms in streamline above head. Use fins on the first 4 and no fins on the  last 2    (ouch!). 
For Masters or Age Groupers (under 13), I recommend just one or two rounds of the main set. 
Happy backstroking!
Gary Sr.