Three Home Exercises to Build a Better Breaststroke

Three great home exercises you can do to build a better breaststroke

Breaststroke is the toughest stroke to teach and learn, partly because it requires a completely different set of tools in order to do well than the other three strokes. It is also a stroke that does not offer any real recovery time, as the arms and legs must be working at all times during the stroke cycle. Therefore, you must build the tools for a better breaststroke and then get in great shape in order to sustain the speed you develop in the water. Here are some of my favorite dryland exercise videos to help your breaststroke get faster.

  1. Boxing Breaststroke exercise. 

Hand speed is extremely important in doing the new, fast-stroke-rate, power breaststroke, used by Adam Peaty and Lilly King, among many others. The boxing breaststroke exercise is a great way to learn how to drive your hands through the pulling cycle quickly. In this video, Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Soni shows us a technique that enabled her to break world records. Try doing 3 rounds of this exercise for one minute with 30 seconds rest in between. Get your chin down to your chest each time as you drive the hands forward!