The man behind the camera Richard hall

The Man Behind the Camera:Richard Hall


The Man behind the Race Club Camera: Richard Hall

If you have ever wondered how The Race Club produces such high-quality videos, and with such remarkable and extraordinary shots, the credit goes to my son, Richard Hall. If an ordinary picture is worth 1,000 words, then Richard’s videos are worth 10,000 words!

Richard graduated from Cal where he swam for legendary coach, Mike Bottom. He was an All-American middle distance and distance freestyler at Brophy College Prep in Phoenix Arizona. While at Cal, Richard dabbled in video and learned to appreciate and love video as an art form. For the most part, however, Richard is self-taught. When working with fast swimmers, that is probably the best form of education. Kicking (with fins) along the side of some world-class swimmers, toting a big video camera, holding his breath for extended periods of time, trying to get the perfect shots is no easy feat. All the spearfishing that Richard does in his spare time is great training for his video shots.

Using his high-quality video cameras (Red Epic with 8k resolution), Richard is able to capture the shots above and below the surface that demonstrate the finest nuances of great swimming technique. In production, he enlists the best sound experts and often utilizes a huge jib that swings the expensive RED camera over the water to get those extraordinary shots from directly above the swimmer that are so rare to see. 

Besides getting the right shots at the right angles, the amount of work that goes into pre-production, production and post-production is extraordinary. In fact, Richard’s work never stops.

Last weekend, while hosting a Masters camp, I was told by one of our campers that by watching all of Richard’s videos, she had dropped her time in the 200 freestyle by 7 seconds! 

You see, Richard is as much of a coach here as he is a videographer. It is easy to say that without Richard’s superb videos, The Race Club would not be the organization we are today.

Thank you, Richard, for helping create The Race Club, for producing so many excellent videos, and for helping to improve so many swimmers around the world.

Yours in Swimming,

Gary Sr.


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