Finishing the Breaststroke Pullout in a Hyper Streamline


Finishing the Breaststroke Pullout in a Hyper Streamline

I recall watching the swimmers from Auburn, when head coach Eddie Reese was first starting his swimming coaching career, using a streamline off the walls for the very first time. They were also beating everyone on the starts and turns.

My first thought was,  “Why didn’t I think of that?”

In fact, using the streamline on the starts and turns has revolutionized the sport of swimming. Instead, we were using a Superman position coming off the walls, losing valuable time in the process.

Through our velocity meter and Drag and propulsion technology and testing, we now know that the streamline position reduces drag by at least 10% or more compared to a Superman position.

This fact begs the question, if the streamlined position is so much better than the Superman position, why are  swimmers not using the streamline or hyper-streamlined position at the end of the breaststroke pullout?

Even among elite breaststrokers or IM specialists, the swimmers complete the breaststroke pullout in a Superman-like position.

The swimmers always begin the breaststroke pullout in the hyper-streamline or streamline position, so why do they end it in the Superman position?

With our velocity meter technology, we have found that finishing the breaststroke pullout in the hyper-streamline position increases the speed of the breakout significantly by reducing frontal drag. It just makes sense. Yet, few coaches, if any, are teaching this technique.

For an improved breaststroke pullout, try having your swimmers end their pullout in hyper-streamline. We believe that you will find your swimmers get farther down the pool and increase their breakout speed using this technique.

Yours in swimming,

Coach Gary Sr


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