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Our 3 Favorite Drills for High Elbow Pull

In every event over the 50 meter sprint, virtually every elite distance freestyler in the world is pulling with the elbows held very close to the surface, as the hand pushes backward in the water. This motion is neither natural nor easy to accomplish, yet for any event longer than 50 meters, this is the […]

Two Great Pearls for a Faster Backstroke

The fundamentals of backstroke are the same as for freestyle. However, the priority of those fundamentals differ for backstroke and there are certain nuances of backstroke that differ from freestyle. Of all four strokes, backstroke is not the fastest stroke, but it is the most efficient stroke. That means that there is less change of […]

More on the Dolphin Kick

I continue to learn more about this fascinating motion in the water and what makes it work well….or not so well for swimmers. Like all other swimming techniques, fast dolphin kick requires certain tools in order to do well. The three most notable tools for dolphin kick are extreme plantar ankle flexibility, leg and lower […]

Physics for Swimmers, Coaches and Parents – Propulsion

Outside of the starts and turns, the propulsion forces of a swimmer are derived purely from the kick and the pull. More specifically, except for the up kick, where the entire lower leg and foot can create propulsion, nearly all of the other propulsive forces (down kick and pull) occur at the feet and hands. […]

Physics for swimmers, coaches and parents – Frontal drag

Most sports take place in air, where drag forces apply but are not nearly as detrimental to performance as they are in swimming. With the density of water being 784 times greater than air, any errors we make in our body position or stroke mechanics are compounded at almost any speed, but even more so […]

The 5 Mentally Toughest American Elite Swimmers in History

This is a tough list to compose. There are probably 50 or more good candidates for the top 5 spots, but this is my list. My recollection and knowledge of elite swimmers dates back to 1966, so any swimmers from before that era were not considered and may well deserve a spot on this list. […]

Breaststroke Drills to Improve Your Power and Speed

Kicks are one of the key components of a powerful breaststroke and in order to build speed, it’s about building strength and drilling. Most breaststroke drills last about 10 to 30 seconds, the short bursts of time being important for building speed in the stroke cycle. Here are a few that you can try on […]

4 Ways to Swim Faster – From the Beginning

If there’s one question we hear a lot at The Race Club, it’s “how can I swim faster?” The answer to that question is so unique and so personal to each and every athlete, but we do our best to try to provide guidance. Swimming faster is all about combining together the right tools and […]

Strength Training Exercises for Swimmers Outside of the Pool

Strength training is an important part of developing your swimming technique, speed, and power. Spending time on key muscle groups can support better endurance as well as reduce your risk of injury. Both in and out of the pool, there are a variety of strength training exercises swimmers can try. The next time you’re working […]

Improve Your Technique With A Private Coaching Session

The Race Club Swim Camp sessions allow you to get expert training with our renowned coaching staff. But your instruction doesn’t have to begin or end at a swim camp. Outside the boundaries of camp, our instructors offer private coaching sessions. These 1 hour and 50 minute coaching blocks are subject to instructor and pool […]

Get in Lane for our Swim Camps

Success in the swim world depends on more than just showing up to meets or making sure you know the basic strokes. For those who want to excel both in and out of the pool, our swim camps are the perfect solution! We offer a variety of drills, classes, and seminars to help you leave […]

Backstroke Drills To Put You Ahead of The Competition

Body rotation is the most least appreciated and understood element of backstroke and freestyle swimming. If you’re looking for the ultimate in propulsive power, developing this rotation of your body is crucial for success. We offer our subscribers a variety of backstroke drills to improve their form and get them ahead of their competition. The […]