Improve Your Technique With A Private Coaching Session

The Race Club Swim Camp sessions allow you to get expert training with our renowned coaching staff. But your instruction doesn’t have to begin or end at a swim camp.

Outside the boundaries of camp, our instructors offer private coaching sessions. These 1 hour and 50 minute coaching blocks are subject to instructor and pool availability, but provide swimmers with the personalized attention they need. In order to master the finer points of swimming, the Race Club methodology encompasses all aspects of competition, from perfecting the butterfly stroke to seasonal planning strategies.

Our instructors have coached thousands of swimmers, including more than 20 Olympic medalists. When you book time with these elite coaches, you’re getting a high level of expertise to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re new to competitive swimming or are a seasoned swimmer, we can help you improve the nuances in technique and approach that separate the winners from the rest of the pack.

By working with world class athletes, we’ve learned what helps swimmers perform at their peak. From mental preparation to backstroke and butterfly stroke drills, we can guide you through the methodology that has served our students well for almost 2 decades.

So when is it right to schedule a private coaching session?

  • When you can’t make it to one of our swim camps
  • When you are preparing for an important competition
  • When you are feeling like your training has reached a plateau
  • When you’ve decided to take swimming more seriously
  • When you are looking for fresh and challenging instruction
  • When coaches and clinics in your local area are not keeping up with national and international standards
  • When you want to push yourself to the next level but don’t know how to get there

Remember: this is your chance to get some valuable feedback from the instructors you see featured in our weekly videos, newsletters, and other online content. This is your opportunity to test yourself outside the limits of the swim camp structure. This is when we can really help you hone in on the skills that will help you succeed: better starts, better turns, better freestyle, back, and butterfly stroke technique, and better preparation for every part of a swimmer’s life.

Enhance your swim performance. Jump into a private coaching session with us in Islamorada, Florida or Coronado, California! Register for your personalized instruction with us today.

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