How to Start Swimming Competitively

Whether it’s the thrill of the race or feeling motivated by the Olympics, many people become interested in swimming competitively at least once in their life. But the road to swimming competitively can be difficult especially if you were not exposed to the swim camps at an early age, but The Race Club is here to make things a bit easier for new swimmers.

Here are some tips for a beginner who is interested in swimming competitively:

Create goals and milestones – What is motivating you to start swimming? Whether you are looking to stay fit or swimming for the bragging rights, do not just dive into the pool and figure it out. Create a long-term swimming plan for your overarching goals that are realistic and attainable. Once you get started, it is okay to change a couple of your milestones to fit skill level and ability, but this is a great way to stay focused on the goal.

Learn the basic rules of swim etiquette – Before you start training, review some of the basic rules of swim etiquette. Always swim in the lane that is relative to your speed, follow and respect the swimming patterns of other swimmers, and learn the proper manner for passing. Some pools might have their own etiquette rules, so always ask another swimmer for advice as long as they are not in the middle of a workout.

Join a local swim camp or club – The availability of swim camps or clubs might be limited depending on where you are from, but you would be surprised how many unknown swim clubs are located in your area. The Race Club swim camps are designed for beginners, masters, triathletes, and competitive swimmers and are located in Florida and California.

Join a monthly swim training subscription – Make sure you are constantly improving and working on your swim technique to stay motivated. There is always going to be another way of doing the same stroke or workout. Join the Race Club for weekly training videos and resources to help you swim faster and more efficiently.

The Race Club was created for all swimmers. From our upcoming swim camps to our swim video analysis service, learn more about our coaching services to improve your technique and get you swimming at the competitive level.

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