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In Fundamentals of Fast Swimming, Race Club Technical Director, Gary Hall Sr. and Head Coach Devin Murphy, guide you to a better understanding of the science and nuances of what makes great swimmers so fast. In each chapter, every swimming stroke is broken down into its most important and basic components, explained in great detail with photos, including helpful drills at the end. After reading Fundamentals of Fast Swimming, you will become more knowledgeable about the sport of swimming. If you are a swimmer, you will become more efficient and faster. If you are a coach or parent, you will develop a much better appreciation for and understanding of swimming technique.


Winning Life’s Gold Medal takes the ideals of the Olympic Games and the experiences from one man’s journey to get there and teaches some of the most valuable life lessons. Winning Life’s Gold Medal contains ten motivational lessons that will help you become a better person and improve your relationships with friends and family. It will bring new meaning and joy to your life at a time in the world when it is needed most. The lessons in Winning Life’s Gold Medal will change your perspective of what is really important to you. All books ordered through the TRC website will be signed by Gary Hall, Sr. ( Free in Bundle – Value $15.00)

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