Freestyle Underwater Pull Series: Phase III

The back quadrant propulsive phase of the underwater pull occurs between the 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock (or 9:30sh) position on the clock. The hand takes a different course than following the perimeter of the clock as it does in the other 3 phases. In order to continue in a backward motion the hand and forearm must elevate, taking a short cut in the underwater pull cycle.

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  1. Christopher

    Gary, when swimming shoulder driven should you cut out the finish of the stroke or not? Or should the front of the pull be deeper?

  2. Gary Hall Sr

    The front of the pull should not be deeper, but one should have the perception that you are releasing the hand earlier at the end. In fact, the hand will finish the propulsive phase either way, but the recovery and lift phases should be shortened with shoulder-driven freestyle. I like to call this ‘catch and release’ freestyle.

    • Christopher

      Thank you for the help

  3. Martin

    The ‘Lift’ document and video give a 404 error

    • Amy Hall

      We have fixed the issue. Thank you!


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