The Mental Edge with Dr. Harold Solomon (Episode 2)

In this episode Dr. Solomon again discusses his research with Dr. Gary Hall Sr. From Ted Williams to OJ Simpson different forms of APS are discussed as well as the desires to become famous and the extreme measures people are willing to take to get their 15 seconds.

Do you agree with Gary Jr., is Dr. Solomon a rhetoric espousing lunatic?

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3 Responses to The Mental Edge with Dr. Harold Solomon (Episode 2)

  1. Lawrence Johnson

    Either this guy is breaking confidentiality or diagnosing with out seeing. Either way what he is doing talking about specific individuals is very wrong.

  2. John

    This is a humorous “bit” – right? I suspected it prior to the watch schtick, but that confirmed it. Quite cute.

  3. Frank N. Stein, MD

    This is not a new concept.  If Dr. Solomon had attended a university known for the quality of its research, say Stanford, for example, he would have known about the groundbreaking studies by Dr. Theodore Knapp, who first identified APS, and who used cryogenics to freeze the brains of superior athletes on the Stanford swim team for later study.  

    Dr. Knapp is now doing research on the long term effects of cryogenic freezing of athlete brains to see if they actually work properly once they are thawed out again.  Unfortunately, many of the original participants in the earliy cryogenics program have moved on with their lives and changed their names to get a fresh start after thawing out.  Who know what they may be doing today, or if their brains still function normally.


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