Swimming Workouts — Dryland Stretching Exercises

Swimming Workouts

Having a good dryland training program in your swimming workouts will work towards an increase in flexibility and improvement in strength especially in the smaller muscles that help achieve a more streamline shape in the water. At the Race Club, we pride ourselves on our focus and dedication to improving flexibility and encourage our swimmers to visualize the exercise they do on land as if they were in the pool. Understanding how these stretches improve your own swimming is the foundation necessary to dedicate more of your attention, focus and effort to dryland training. This video focuses on resistance stretching, dynamic stretching and external hip rotation stretching. See how each exercise directly affects the speed and performance in the pool or open water.

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7 Responses to Swimming Workouts — Dryland Stretching Exercises

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  2. Tim M.

    Gary – thanks so much for this video. Are these dryland stretches also appropriate for serious 10&under age group swimmers?

  3. Gary Hall Sr.

    Yes…with caution. Do not over stretch the underdeveloped joint…yet in other sports, such as gymnastics, the stretching starts very early.

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  5. Michael

    Is this enough stretches for upper body? I mean shouldn’t you have added more stretches to shoulders and core?

    • garyhallsr

      We like to grade each of our Race Club members on flexibility in each of the key joints involved in swimming and on core strength. This Swimisode was not intended to show all of the possible stretches and exercises we recommend, but once we identify weak or limited areas, we focus more on improving them, whether it be ankles, hips, back, shoulders or core strength. That improvement usually involves several different types of stretches for each key area.

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