Secret Tip: Legs Inertia

This week is about the fourth function of the legs which has to do with the fundamental law of Inertia. Swimmers have to learn how to kick in both directions. The law of inertia states that an object in motion likes to stay in motion. Discover techniques to increase your speed through these dryland and swimming drills.

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  1. Nico Messer

    I’d like to point out one thing for the kicking with the TheraBand and add some more details to the vertical and wall kicking.

    If you decide to give the kicking with the TheraBand a go, make sure that you don’t make it too tight nor too loose. It should keep you from bending your knees but still allow for a strong kick. Usually if you find the right tightness of the TheraBand you’ll have constant pressure on it while kicking, so you don’t lose it (which will happen if you slow down your kick).

    In this video we demonstrated the wall kick doing freestyle kicking but you can really do this with any kick. Obviously, fly and free are the most comfortable/easiest way to do this (and backstrokers should be fine doing free kick) but you can do back and breaststroke kick. For the breaststroke kick I recommend going under water and keeping up a high kicking rate focusing on keeping your knees together, bringing your heels up and closing fast.

    An addition to the vertical kick…you should be able to keep at least the top of your shoulders out of the water at all times (our group training down in the Keys isn’t quiet there yet). You can also perform the last and most difficult level with fins holding a 5 or 10 pounds weight over your head in the streamline position. I would recommend doing this if the focus of your workout is more on power and speed as you most likely won’t be able to hold it for a full minute.

  2. Nlmachinist

    So, the month on legs is coming to a close!! (Don’t worry, Gary, I’ll keep all those leg tips in mind whenever I’m in the pool). I really liked focusing on one issue for the month-doled out a week at a time. I also like the sequence of dry land exercises, water drills, and finally everything coordinated visually with Gary’s comments not only about the months kicking but other issues in addition- like Nico’s side breathing. The other thing I like about Nico is the picture he has for his comments. Is that going to be covered in a future tip?

    • Nico Messer

      I try to get in as often as I can myself and hope to be a better model next time…but really tried had to do the breathing right as it is an important part of the side kick.

      Something I forgot to mention before is that I think although most people will kick faster (or at least feel faster) with the board…kicking with the FINIS alignment board or side kicking is really going to make the difference in your swimming. There are a lot of details to kicking that you just can’t get right using the board.

      On a totally unrelated note, you can get your own picture showing up next to your name by either register with Disqus (or use your FB or Twitter account for that matter) or register your e-mail address with a service called Gravatar which will show your picture across the world wide web.

  3. James Stuart

    4.10 – that drill is so hard I has do kicking really furiously! not that relaxing as other swimmers do and wall kick drill is painful workout indeed but I has problem cos I don’t have someone with me to tell me a time when its over and resting etc so how I do it myself? Anyway great video indeed. Thanks

    • Nico Messer

      Indeed, vertical kick holding a streamline is very challenging! For your concerns with the time. You could just go holding your breath for as long as you can during the wall kick and go 5 breaths on, 5 breaths off.

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