Swimisodes – Yoga for Swimmers – Shoulders

The Race Club has been practicing yoga for swimmers during dryland training for years. Yoga can significantly increase core strength and flexibility while lengthening muscles, creating a more streamlined physique in swimming. In this intense 20 minute Vinyasa flow yoga practice, you will find yourself mimicking body rotation in freestyle and backstroke by stacking the shoulders, strengthening core muscles that will improve your ability to make faster turns and improve your breathing capabilities that will surely make you a stronger swimmer. We will do poses that open up the chest and shoulders creating a counter balance to the repetitive swimming motions in shoulder and back muscles that cause a hunched forward posture. Keep in mind that with all these poses, there are modifications that can be used and we recommend using a yoga block for support. Each swimmer has their own needs in the pool, in dryland training, mental training, nutrition and recovery.

Richard Hall and The Race Club created this Yoga for Swimmers Shoulder sequence for you to follow along at home or practice with your team. So roll out your mat and get ready to sweat with elite athletes and Olympians; Rebecca Soni, Roland Schoeman, Junya Koga, Lexie Kelly and Zach Hayden led by Amy Hall from The Race Club. No matter your level or ability, we believe yoga for shoulders can benefit your swimming and general well being. Just like in the pool, we advocate correct technique over forced, and sloppy form. Remember to breathe with each movement, allowing oxygen to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. If at any time any exercise is too strenuous, rest in child’s pose.

Special thanks to Liz Arch (www.lizarch.com) for her guidance in creating this sequence and to Hubert Baudoin (themooringsvillage.com) for allowing us to film at this beautiful location!

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  2. Lance R.

    I’m sorry but this is just FANTASTIC! OMG thank you for your videos. I love you guys

  3. Roxy Olmsted

    Loved it, great flow good job Amy

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