Swimisodes – Yoga for Swimmers – Legs

In this Vinyasa Yoga for Swimmers we focus on the legs. Swimmers tend to have tight psoas, quadriceps, glutes (gluteal), hip flexors and lower back due to kicking with straight leg and pointed toe for long periods of time. Hyper extension of the knees is common amongst Swimmers leading to severe tightness and limited mobility in those areas. In this intense 20 minute Vinyasa flow yoga practice, we focus on stretching these regions of the legs that tend to be tight in swimmers. We will do poses that release tension in the hips, quads and glutes creating more mobility in these muscles that will result in a more powerful kick. Keep in mind that with all these poses, there are modifications that can be used and we recommend using a yoga block for support. Each swimmer has their own needs in the pool, in dryland training, mental training, nutrition and recovery.

Richard Hall and The Race Club created this Yoga for Swimmers Legs sequence for you to follow along at home or practice with your team. So roll out your mat and get ready to sweat with elite athletes and Olympians; Rebecca Soni, Roland Schoeman, Junya Koga, Lexie Kelly and Zach Hayden led by Amy Hall from The Race Club. No matter your level or ability, we believe yoga for swimmers can benefit your swimming and general well being. Just like in the pool, we advocate correct technique over forced, and sloppy form. Remember to breathe with each movement, use an ujjayi breath, allowing oxygen to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. When you are stretching the hamstrings bend your knees and then work them towards straight. If at any time any exercise is too strenuous, rest in child’s pose.

Special thanks to Liz Arch (www.lizarch.com) for her guidance in creating this sequence and to Hubert Baudoin (themooringsvillage.com) for allowing us to film at this beautiful location!

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9 Responses to Swimisodes – Yoga for Swimmers – Legs

  1. Judy Rudin

    Love your site and would love to watch these videos. I use Firefox but appears these Vimeos are opening in Internet Explorer. Super slow.

    Any tips on how to make this a more enjoyable visual experience?


  2. Judy Rudin

    Hi gary,

    Think I’ve found the answer to my own question re: video speed.

    have found your Swimisodes on YouTube, and am subscribing.


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  6. Phanish

    Hi Gary – Is there a minimum age the swimmer should have attained before they start practicing these Yogas. Also, what is the routine you would recommend (how many sessions a week) Thanks.

    • Amy Hall

      It depends on the person. We advise everyone to properly warm up before doing these short, intense yoga sessions. Breathe in or out with each movement and if the exercise gets too much where your breathing is compromised, then stop and rest. Go by how you feel and what you need according to your swimming training program to determine how many sessions per week you can do. Thanks for practicing! -Amy

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