Swimisodes – Butterfly with Roland Schoeman – The Fifth Stroke Part 1

Olympic Gold Medalist Roland Schoeman has developed one of the fastest dolphin kicks in the world. The dolphin kick has become so important in the sport of swimming, now being used in all four strokes, that it is commonly referred to as the ‘fifth stroke’. In this video series on #thefifthstroke, Gary Hall Sr has Roland demonstrate several ways to improve the dolphin kick. In part I of this Race Club Swimisode series, find out what Coach Gary Hall has up his sleeve to get Roland to work both the up and down kick in Butterfly.

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22 Responses to Swimisodes – Butterfly with Roland Schoeman – The Fifth Stroke Part 1

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  2. David Schraven

    I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all the great info you put out there and how helpful it is to me as a coach. This is the best footage of dolphin kicking I’ve ever seen–great camera work that really helps me to show the kids how they should approach this.

    Thanks so much!

    Dave Schraven
    Head Coach, Upper St. Clair Swim Club

    • Richard Hall

      Thanks Coach! We really appreciate hearing your feedback and look forward to bringing you a lot more Swimisodes!

  3. Pat Thomas - Swim Coach - Canberra Australia

    Excellent video work with logical explanations and progression. I have used this drill before but can now show my swimmers with a much clearer demonstration. Really appreciate the training tips as they enhance my coaching and swimming.

  4. Lori schmidt

    Great explanations! Your videos are great teaching tools for the high school and master swimmers i work with! Keep them coming! :)

  5. ethni dixon

    Thanks appreciate the videoas- they are a great help. My Downs Syndrome daughter just competed at the DSISO World DOwns Syndrome Swimming Competition and got a silver for 200fly and bronze for 100 fly.
    She often does these excercises in the gym. Rolans so lucky- he has flippers for feet!

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      Congratulations to your daughter, Ethni!! from all of us at The Race Club! Keep her swimming…it is so great for her.

  6. Viv Kukard

    Thanks. Really refreshing to watch
    intellectually stimulating
    explanations with world class
    demonstrations. Please don’t stop.

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  8. Mardhall

    Thanks Coach
    I did not grow up swimming, however your teaching is helping me to teach my children while they swim on their teams at school.

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  10. Kchouston

    Thanks coach, it was eye opening to see your world class teaching, I practice your drills, your words are clear, good as gold! We all love it, your help older people to improve our health and to gain more confidence. Each time read your email really make my day.

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      Glad you are enjoying our Swimisodes and articles and they are helping you. We will keep them coming!

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  12. Sandy Cohen

    Coach, I look forward to your Swimsodes each week. They are so helpful and the way that they are filmed and broken into thoughtful bite size pieces, easy to consume and try out. As a Masters swimmer who enjoys the fitness and challenge of swimming as I age I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these videos.

    • Amy Hall

      Thank you Sandy! We all appreciate your comments. They’re what drives us to create intelligent, beautiful content.

  13. Halina

    Thank you for your investment coach Gary.
    I love swimming! It’s my passion!
    It’s been a year I am set free from cancer, regaining
    I am regainingstrength in the pool. I call myself comparative swimmer.
    Your videos transform my training every morning.
    Thank you
    Coach Halina , Cambridge,Ma

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  16. Tim Hill

    As always great video/verbiage. Picture is worth a 1,000 words. Thanks !!


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