Swimisodes – Breaststroke with Rebecca Soni – Kick Down Drill

In this Swimisode starring Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Soni and Zach Hayden demonstrate fast swimming drills that will improve your swim training program. Coach Gary Hall teaches how to swim breaststroke drills that improve your swimming techniques. The 2 or 3 Kick Down Drill is a great way to learn how to hyper streamline the front end of your Breaststroke and lead to faster results in the pool.

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  1. frankog

    Question: To what extent should one extend the recovering arms DOWN into the water in order to raise the hips in preparation for the kick?

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      When the kick occurs, the body and head need to be submerged and in a straight streamlined position. To get there, the arms need to drop from the elevated position downward and be well under the surface. With two kick down, the aim needs to be more down than with the breaststroke, as the air in the lungs will bring the body back up to the surface.

  2. Gajaba

    Thanks for the video. Question: I try to get my swimmers to keep the knees closer and let the rest of the leg go in a round motion, in the breaststroke kick. Just like Zach does in the video. But, When I see Rebecca, it appears that her knees are wide apart at the beginning of the kick. Which one is better?

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      You are right. Rebecca’s knees are wider than Zach’s, but not too wide. She is extraordinarily fast at getting through the kick cycle with power. Typically, breaststrokers go wider with the knees if they don’t have the external rotation in the hip needed to get the angle of the instep for power. The result is a longer kick cycle and more frontal drag.

  3. Paul


  4. Mike Freshley

    Nice kick and down makes the wave bigger and stronger.

  5. Lukas

    “Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”
    Is this video private? How can I access it?

    • Amy Hall

      Can you not see the video play on our website?

  6. Chris Burke

    Great shots of the drills underwater! Nice work, Richard! These “Swimisodes” are awesome!

  7. John Robb

    The Breaststroke Swimisode is GREAT! To capture The Race Club technique in such a compelling visual and spoken manner in 4 minutes & 29 seconds, certainly requires tremendous knowledge and skills by all the team members. Great job

  8. Tony Burt

    Fantastic video – love seeing how the elites swim.

  9. David

    great video. What are the flexibility or stretching excercises that help enable elite breaststroke kicking?

  10. Gary Hall Sr.

    We will have around 15 breaststroke Swimisodes up coming, but not in succession. For flexibility of the hip, check the Swimisode we did a while back on breaststroke squat pushups. I love these..but there are many others.


  11. Monica Little

    Gary ~ Perfect timing to receive this breaststroke swimisode, as I was getting in the water with my group to work on the kick that day. I’ve watched it repeatedly since then. Great video & I love watching elite swimmers! Thanks, Monica

  12. mike freshley

    Great tips. I will use them to break the American records in 3 months.


  13. Steve Bratt

    Chin down to chest is something a lot of my swimmers find a difficult concept to achieve. Even world record holders too it seems. Although we are all unique and males different from females this mechanism seems the best thing to enable horizontal position during the glide phase of the stroke. Toe pointing helps stealing too though mostMaster breaststroke swimmers find this difficult

  14. Steve Bratt


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