Swimisodes – Backstroke Starts

#swimisodes Gary Hall Sr. coaches us through a perfect technique for your best backstroke starts. In order to perfect backstroke starts, the feet position and pull up are critical to achieving success in the four different phases of the start; the launch, the entry, the underwater propulsion and the breakout. World Champion Junya Koga shows us both the incorrect and correct feet positioning while Gary Hall Sr. explains why correct feet positioning matters in the start, launch and entry. Junya also demonstrates the difference between an incorrect body position at “take your mark” and a perfect one. Setting yourself up for a perfect start is not easy, but with practice can become the fastest swim technique for backstroke starts.

When the tips of the fingers enter the water on backstroke starts, an elite swimmer is nearing 10 miles per hour. Watch as Junya takes advantage of that speed gained in the air from the launch and how he manages to sustain his speed when he enters the water and starts his propulsion. Having a ‘no splash’ entry is the secret to keeping that momentum, with as little drag as possible. The Fifth Stroke, dolphin kick, can help you win or lose races, depending on its strength. Junya starts his dolphin kicks right away and at a perfect depth in the water. As he breaks out, the momentum from his start is still in effect, helping him explode through the breakout.

Junya is a master at the backstroke start. It is beautiful to watch his clean entry, the raw power of his kick, his streamlined position throughout the underwater, and his seemingly effortless technique at breakout. To attain this level of speed, one must practice backstroke starts often, paying attention to all of the important details.

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  1. alecia

    I like ,I understand now the right things,before I have many mistak.
    Sorry for my enghlis.

  2. geeme

    I would love to see a video of the entry from underwater to the side, as well. Specifically, I would like to see the timing and motion of initiation of the dolphin kick once off the block.

  3. Marcia Hill

    Gary, are you going to have the new Omega backstroke start ledge available for the summer camp? They were allowing swimmers to practice with it at spring nationals in San Antonio and said it wld be in general use soon. I wld love to try it. I was too chicken to try it there,

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  5. Gary of Michigan

    Very cool! I’ve been practicing the backstroke launch for the past 2 months. I slowed underwater video of the professionals and quantified as much as possible. It really is an artistic endeavor. When it all comes together, it’s magic!


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