Secret Tip: Legs Lift

The second function of the legs in swimming is Lift. Lift is one of the most forgotten components of swimming yet it is one of the most important ones. We enter our hand into the water and press slightly down in order to get lift in the water on our quest to hydroplane. We often don’t think about the up kick we utilize to do the same thing. The flick of our swim kick and the up kick of the leg provides lift of our bodies to swim higher on the surface of the water in order to swim faster. When we get higher on the surface, we enable ourselves to swim faster powered by the swim kick.

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  1. Ester Malani

    Thank you for the tip, much appropriated all your help.

  2. Nico Messer

    Around 4:20 where Gary is demonstrating the lift in freestyle by going from slow to fast, we’re really talking about millimeters. Richard did a great job filming and you’re able to see how Gary’s rear slowly lifts up until you see all of his blue Race Club suit stick out of the water. Having a steady and strong kick can replace part of your retired shiny suit.

  3. James Stuart

    Who that guy swim butterfly? Anyway great video indeed

    • Nico Messer

      That would be me doing the butterfly :-)

  4. Atendidolee

    Gary Sr:

    Lee from Bflo (Bearcat Alum), my daughters (Maddy and Sydney) love the videos as I do. Trying to get our coaches to view. Greg is helping the awareness too. Thanks for the videos love them.

  5. Jim Munro, Key West

    Great  videos!  Gary Sr.: nice looking free by the way….

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  11. K Trager

    How many times a week should a swimmer do dryland training for leg strength?

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      We like to do three dryland sessions per week with one or two focused on legs.


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