Secret Tip: How to Pull Underwater Drills

If the freestyle underwater pull is a compromise between power and drag, how can we learn to swim with less drag and more speed? Discover our favorite drills for learning how to pull with a high elbow. All different types of sculling allow the swimmer to feel the water and develop a hold on the water. Swimmers of all levels need to practice drills in order to maintain their feel for the water. Small changes in technique and working on these drills will most certainly decrease your drag and increase your speed in the pool.

8 Responses to Secret Tip: How to Pull Underwater Drills

  1. ukiesurg

    Great!!! Thank you!

  2. James Stuart

    Very nice but I has problem cos my right elbow goes higher than left… although right one is stronger than left so the balance between armstroke are not good so how I sort it out?

  3. Frustratedsw

    Amazing stuff. I have been trying to figure this out for over a year.. These drills really make a lot of sense..I’ll put them to work in the pool this afternoon. Thanks again.

  4. Tom Motheral

    Merry Christmas to Gary Hall, Sr. and the fantastic staff at the Race Club. The Race Club videos are excellent.

  5. Ted Newill

    Best video for high elbow I have seen. Thanks. Now I might actually succeed at it. Merry Christmas!

  6. Richie

    G’day Gary, the way you explain it is what makes it great – thank you. Would you open the video for download for a small fee? Even just the first part with Nathan Adrian would suffice. That would enable a quick viewing before a session – I find that type of visualization helps. Best, Richie

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