Secret Tip: Dryland Exercise

Sabir Muhammad demonstrates some of our favorite Dryland exercises at the Race Club. Learn some of the exercises that have made the Race Club unique and successful in the world of Swimming. Strength training is one of the 5 disciplines of the Race Club. We believe a swimmer has to find the right balance of strength and leanness in order to swim fastest. Having the muscles for power but without too much bulk for drag is the combination to try to achieve. These dryland exercises are swim specific and have been developed over the years. For each swimmer, different dryland programs can be adopted. Boxing, stretch chords, med balls and more will give you the upper and lower body strength to reach your potential.

2 Responses to Secret Tip: Dryland Exercise

  1. Amy

    Gary has to be pretty strong to not fall over from Sabir’s strength!

  2. Villa

    Awesome video. Thanks so much for publishing!!


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