The Race Club Swimisodes

The Race Club Swimisodes from The Race Club on Vimeo.

“Swimisodes” will be released regularly. New videos star Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Soni, Roland Schoeman, Junya Koga, Lexie Kelly and Zach Hayden. Swimming techniques are narrated by Coach Gary Hall Sr., a 3 time Olympian and Olympic Medalist. His scientific approach to swimming is helpful to all people trying to make their swimming more enjoyable and faster! Watch Yoga for Swimmers, Dryland training program, Stretching, Nutrition, Mental Training and more! Keep watching our new swimisodes for secret tips on swimming technique, how to swim fast and ways to improve your swimming no matter what level you are in the sport of swimming, triathlon or open water swimming.

5 Responses to The Race Club Swimisodes

  1. stinging_bee

    Looking forward to swimsodes… this is exciting ! Hope you focus on ‘contemporary’ issues with stroke technique and competitive racing as well! Big thanks!

  2. William

    Hi Gary hope all is well. New video looks great. I look forward to your new videos and like always will use and promote them with all my clients:) will they be shot with Red digital camera?

    • Richard Hall

      Thanks! Yes we shot the Swimisodes with Red Epic cameras. Our favorite for Swimming!

  3. John Robb

    This Race Club video is: Dynamic, Dramatic, Compelling, and superbly ear and eye catching! Congratulations on your prelude to what will certainly be a wonderful, worthwhile, and winning video series!!!
    Great job Richard, Gary, Amy, and Mary!
    Can’t wait for people to see the upcoming videos……
    Best Regards. John Robb

    • Richard Hall

      Thanks John,
      Good to hear from you!


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