How to Train for a Triathlon: Open Water Swimming Part 2

If you haven’t seen it yet… catch Part 1 of our How to Train for a Triathlon – Open Water series here first:

In Part 2 of our Open Water Swimming technique videos learn how to navigate your way through a Surf break and get into your Swim faster and safer. Many people don’t understand the strength of even a small wave until it hits them while they are standing straight up. Whether the Surf is small or sizeable, these Open Water swim techniques are crucial for gaining a training edge on the Triathlon competition and avoiding a dangerous situation for you and those around you.

We also follow first time Triathlete John Baltz as he borrows his friend’s wetsuit and tries it out… or does he? In any case, preparation and practice is key to knowing how to train for a Triathlon. Always practice these Open Water swim techniques with a friend or near a lifeguard! Thanks for watching and tune in next week for Part 3…

Watch each part to our Open Water Swim video series or watch the full movie by clicking the links below. Enjoy the open water! it should be a safe and amazing experience to train for a triathlon!

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