How to Train for a Triathlon: Open Water Swim Part 1

Many of us are considering to train for a triathlon by entering the ocean with an Open Water Swim for the first time this season, or ever. Preparing for an Open Water swim is critical and will often present unexpected and dangerous conditions during a triathlon. Whether you are considering training for your first triathlon, an athlete looking for a competitive edge with Open Water swimming, or just a sunbather going for a swim on a sunny day, this Open Water series will enhance your ability to avoid and prevent danger from occurring.

We teamed up with professional Triathlete and Silverline Athletic’s own Holden Comeau and LA County Lifeguard Andrew Czer as they prepare for the Venice Beach Triathlon to learn the safest and fastest way to enter the water. Learn critical open water swimming techniques that are key to train for a Triathlon such as “the bottom check” and “high stepping”.

And meet John Baltz, a local first time triathlete who maybe in over his head…

We’d like to thank Silverline Athletics ( and the LA Tri Club ( for making this production possible!

Watch each part to our Open Water Swim video series or watch the full movie by clicking the links below. Enjoy the open water! it should be a safe and amazing experience to train for a triathlon!

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