Secret Video Tip – Muscle Cramp

In this video we talk about one of the strangest phenomenon ever, a muscle cramp. This can be very disconcerting to a swimmer or any athlete. When a muscle cramp occurs whether it’s in practice or in a race, it usually means the end. And it’s a very painful and debilitating experience. So question is “Why do they occur?”. Well, we know that certain things cause muscle cramps to occur, one of which is fatigue. The other is just lack of conditioning. A third is dehydration. And a fourth is when you sweat excessively you loose some of the essential elements or minerals required at the muscle cellular level. So how do you prevent cramping from occurring? Well, #1 is you have to get yourself in shape. #2 is hydrate yourself often, drink lots of water. And #3, take a product that we found is very helpful in supplying some of the essential elements or minerals that you need to prevent cramping which are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. And those elements are available in the Platinum Performance Minerals, one of the products that The Race Club offers from Platinum Performance. If you do those things, you’re much less likely to have any kind of cramp during your race or practice.

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  1. Roxy Olmsted

    I really enjoy all of your race club videos, have you done a cd of all of them? I had recently asked about the cramp issue, thanks for the info as I had not seen that one.
    Thank-you. Roxy Olmsted, The Villages, Fld.


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