Life is Worth Swimming Music Video

The Life is Worth Swimming DVD from The Race Club covers technique advice on all four strokes, starts, turns, kicking, dryland and drills. Learn the Five Disciplines of training required to be the best one can be, no matter what your level of swimming is. Gary Hall Sr. narrates and coaches Olympian George Bovell III and Bobby Savulich through these Five Disciplines that are Swimming, Physical, Nutritional, Recovery, and Mental Training.

Entirely shot on the RED Epic Camera and in the beautiful surroundings of the Florida Keys this DVD has the best underwater and slow motion imaging available to date. This is the official Life is Worth Swimming music video. Directed by Richard Hall. Music scored by Kyle Pittman ( Cinematography by Frazier Nivens ( and Michael Hastings ( Starring George Bovell III and Bobby Savulich.

Buy your copy today to understand and put into your practice the Disciplines of The Race Club.


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