Interview: Sabir Muhammed

Gary Hall Sr. sits down with Sabir Muhammed to discuss life, swimming and technology. Sabir set the American record in the 50 free last year. Sabir is a legend in the Masters community and in the world of technology.

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  1. Nancy Machinist

    Gary Sr. and Richard, excellent video and interview on Sabir. I was particularly interested in his comments on competing” in the backyard race and at local showdowns.” The race you swim inside yourself is the ultimate backyard meet. Once you are an athlete, that’s the race that you get up for every morning. On the subject of dry land training, yoga was originally given to us by Patanjali as a warrior training. It makes good sense that a powerful warrior needs to be flexible and strong both of which were evident in Sabir’s training regimen. Om.

    • Richard

      Thanks Nancy. Ever since your trip down here I’ve been practicing Yoga as much as 7 times a week (my dad is finally coming around and joining in on sessions). It’s been great for training our Athletes and am wondering why more coaches don’t implement this into their daily regime? We used to do Yoga once a week with Mike Bottom at Cal but that was the only coach I ever had that practiced the warrior training. We’re looking forward to seeing you back down here soon…

      • Nlmachinist

        Richard, Please let me repeat that the video shots you’ve been doing of Gary Sr. have really contributed enormously to his increasingly exacting analysis. I’m looking forward to coming back for swimming and yoga.

        Re the yoga: when you are teaching, notice how little awareness and development most practitioners have in the fronts of their bodies. Especially swimmers, seem to have the most neurons on their backs! Remind your students to be aware of their bodies having depth- that they are not a piece of paper but about 12-16″ wide- from the front sternum to the back lats. Reconceptualizing the body as a pillar while increase significantly the corps power enabling faster hip turnover. As a guide in this exercise- the solar plexus should always be forcing up and forward not retreating into the body. Put your hand on someone’s upper chest and have them find a way to push against your hand not recruiting anything else. That power point should be pushing forward all the time keeping the body broad. Namaste Nancy


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