Interview: Pierre Ruffin

Gary Hall Sr. sits down with Pierre Ruffin who is the Head Coach of Ultimate Swimming in Oak Park, Illinois just outside Chicago. They discuss Coach Pierre’s interesting background.  Pierre shares some of the lessons that he has learned from being raised in a famous orphanage, Boys Town started by Father Flanagan. Coach Pierre along with some of the greatest Swim coaches ever including Don Gambril, Skip Kenney, Sherm Chavoor and Ray Bussard were not swimmers. We were honored to work with Coach Pierre for a week in the Florida Keys. He is truly an inspiration to the Sport of Swimming.

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  1. Annehuber

    Great interview Pierre! I really enjoyed it even though I knew what you were going to answer before you said it! Ann H.

  2. JA

    Yeah, Pierre, it’s great to see you and hear your philosophy. Terrific. Thanks for sharing your story.


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