Interview Penny Palfrey

Penny Palfrey speaks about her 67.2 mile world record (for both Women and Men) swim from Little to Grand Cayman Island. She talks about currents so strong that lead to ‘maintenance swimming’, Oceanic White Tip Reef Sharks that shadowed her for 8 hours, Portuguese Man O War stings and the remedies they used to heal a seriously swollen tongue. This is an unbelievable story. We were honored to take a bit of Penny’s time at the Flowers Sea Swim just days after this World Record Unassisted Open Water Solo Swim. She is without a doubt the bravest swimmer we have ever met.

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  1. Patti

    I just did my first 5K OWS this past Sunday and thought it was hard.  I’m absolutely AMAZED at Penny’s accomplishment. 

  2. Nico Messer

    Penny just broke the Molokai Channel Record. Read the news on Swimming World at


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