Interview: Lars Frolander

Lars Frolander is a legend. He is a 6 time Olympian and 2000 Sydney Games Gold Medalist in the 100 meter Butterfly. At 36 years old he is Swimming as fast as ever and is about to be on his 6th Olympic team! How does he do it? Find out in this interview as he sits down with Gary Hall Sr. at the Race Club. We are so excited to have Lars train with us in Islamorada. His butterfly stroke is arguably the most beautiful to watch in the world. Lars has represented Sweden in 6 Olympic Games.

3 Responses to Interview: Lars Frolander

  1. Lance Robinson

    “HONESTLY, you know, with the short suits” nice :) It was great to hear from him in this interview thanks guys.

  2. Eddie S

    Lars, Lars, Lars. You were, are and always will be “the man”. The greatest gentleman I have ever had the privilege to coach. Swim on, my friend.

  3. MR Jay

    It’s amazing .. at the age of 37. still maintaining your best record. awesome!!
    less than 1 hour of swimming and more weight training for power..
    that motivate me . I’ll sign up a gym ASAP. haha^^ 


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