Freestyle Swimming: Picking the Right Technique

Many swimmers use different styles of Freestyle to accomplish the same goal – to swim fast. Choosing which Freestyle to train with can make the difference between being fast and being slow. The question is, how do we choose which Freestyle is right for you? Is there a right freestyle for different races or times during a race? Gary Hall Sr. demonstrates three styles of freestyle swimming. These styles were originally described by Mike Bottom. Gary Sr.¬†talks about each style’s strength and weakness and which style may be the best for you.

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5 Responses to Freestyle Swimming: Picking the Right Technique

  1. Nlmachinist

    Having listened and observed Gary discussing the stroke options in other venues, this coordinated video /explanation is the most thorough analysis and presentation , thanks in part to Richard’s excellent videography, that I have yet studied. I’m on my way to the pool and to a future in which I am clearer about my purpose in freestyle. Thanks per usual for excellent coaching- I can always count on the Race Club to straighten me out!!!

  2. GreatNeckHomes

    It’s about time that I hear of different techniques for diiferent swimmers!!
    I have been doing this for years. You must know your swimmer!!

  3. David

    Gary Hall Sr…. as a 73 year old “sprinter”, I love this stuff! It keeps reminding me to change some of my old bad technique habits, learned 50 years ago, to keep up with you young “studs” ! Dave McIntyre, Gold Coast Masters.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank You for posting this, my only regret here is that I didn’t see this video before I spent $40 on the “Three Styles of Freestyle” DVD. That dvd was very uninformative, but this video was everything the DVD wasn’t.

    Thank You

  5. Paul Plackis

    Gary- Great job describing the three styles in a format that anyone can understand. This video is the best one so far, and it really “paints the picture”!


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