Feature Swim Sabir Muhammad

Sabir Muhammad demonstrates some Yoga moves and his Butterfly and Freestyle stroke. See the interview to learn about Sabir’s swimming career.

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4 Responses to Feature Swim Sabir Muhammad

  1. Amy Hall

    Wow. Great technique and amazingly zen. Sabir makes it all look easy.

  2. Nico Messer

    I would like to point out a point for each stroke that Sabir is demonstrating for our viewers.

    In his fly, although Sabir isn’t breathing to the side (which would be Gary Hall Sr.’s preferred way to breath in fly) look how he barley lifts his head while taking a breath. He’s doing what I like to refer to as chin surf. In comparison to Michael Phelps, Sabir might be moving his head a little more but still keeps the whole body in line while breathing. Also notice that his head is looking down again by the time he recovers his arms and reaching out in front to initiate the next stroke.

    In his freestyle, try to particularly pay attention to the way his whole body is aligned from the finger tips to the tiptoes while rotating from one side to the other. The rotation allows him to create more power for his freestyle stroke but also as you can see to get an extremely high elbow in the front quadrant which is where power lies in freestyle swimming.

    And of course all the dryland that you see before the swimming can help you as well :-)

  3. Atreya46

    what is the music? it has to be south indian classical music, veena instrumental. who is the artist? 


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