Feature Swim: Lars Frolander

Lars Frolander is a 6 time Olympian for Sweden with a gold medal in the 100 meter fly in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Lars is known for his most beautiful butterfly stroke, as demonstrated here in this amazing footage. Underwater and above water shots of his butterfly stroke shows his talent for his hold on the water, his low breathing and his strong kick. He was in the Keys April 2011 with his club team, Lass Linkoping and coach Micke Holmertz.

The Lonely Smurfer (Johnny Hawaii) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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  1. Lance Robinson

    cool beans bubbagino

  2. Edmond

    I am sure it is a very fast butterfly, but I notice that he recovered his arms (1:27 in the video) a lot higher than Phelps. I was told that low recovering arms will save energy and be more efficient.

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      There is no advantage that I can think of to a higher recovery in fly, so long as the arms/hands clear the water and the arms are straight. It probably takes a bit more work to recover with the arms higher. Lars may have more shoulder flexibility than most swimmers, which enables him to do that.

  3. Chris Burke

    Lars makes it look effortless. And those Scandi’s keep the tradition going! It’s time to add another Swede to that butterfly list with Sarah Sjostrom- her blistering head down 50 sprint with possibly the fastest recovery phase I’ve EVER seen!

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      I agree. Sarah’s 50 meter fly may have come the closest to a perfect race as is possible. Very good start, consistent stroke rate of 63, no breath, and perfect finish…wow. That one will be tough to beat!

  4. Chris Burke

    What are we seeing after such a performance as that? It seems like she’ll look for ways to go sub-24?!?! How much faster are we (as human beings) really going to go? Do you see a future where we near our physical limit?

    • Gary Hall Sr.

      Someone will always come along to swim faster than anyone before him or her. I suspect the greatest advancement in speed will come from developing stronger and faster kicks. Stroke rates (with two hands and two feet) have a limit which we are near. Legs can still get stronger and delivering more powerful kicks with bigger feet.


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